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  1. Western Union Chinese New Year Radio (Mandarin)


Radio Ad

(Originally written in English for client approval and then translated into Mandarin for Chinese-American audience)

SFX: Firecrackers popping.

ANNCR: What do they want this Lunar New Year?

SFX: Drums from the Dragon Dance pound.

ANNCR: A red envelope through Western Union.  Because it can be anything your loved ones want.

SFX: Firecrackers popping.

SENDER: Mom can get a gym membership, and Dad can get a new camera.

SFX: Drums from the Dragon Dance pound.

SENDER: A tablet for my son!  A new cell phone for my wife!

SFX: Firecrackers and Dragon Dance drums pound together.

ANNCR: And this Lunar New Year, Western Union delivers blessings more conveniently to your loved ones.  Now, your family members are able to receive money directly into their bank account without leaving home.

ANNCR: It’s their choice:  receive money into their bank accounts at Postal Savings Bank of China, Agricultural Bank of China, China Everbright Bank and Shanghai Pudong Development Bank…or they can receive cash fast at more than 36,000* Western Union®Agent locations in China.

ANNCR: This Chinese New Year, send the gift of possibility, from Western Union.

ANNCR: Western Union.  Moving money for better.

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